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Commercial printing has undergone a significant transformation, evolving into a highly technical, data-driven, and digitized industry. This evolution has led to a growing demand for job seekers with expertise in various specialized fields and software platforms. The integration of digital technologies has revolutionized every aspect of the printing process, from design to distribution. If you have experience in marketing technology, customer data platforms, personalized print production, and targeted mail, the industry is looking for you. 

As commercial printing embraces technology and data-driven methodologies, job roles have diversified to meet industry demands. Positions such as digital marketing specialists, mail technologists, database and mail specialists, digital press operators, and direct mail administrators are in high demand. 


Data has become the backbone of modern commercial printing. Customer data platforms (CDPs) play a crucial role in analyzing consumer behavior, preferences, and trends. CDPs aggregate and organize data from multiple sources and create a unified customer profile, tracking consent and managing data to comply with privacy laws. They can help businesses optimize marketing spend by accurately targeting high-value customers or those most likely to engage or convert. Job candidates experienced in CDPs like Redpoint are ahead of the curve and highly sought after because expertly applying these technologies helps printers tailor print and mail projects to target specific audiences effectively. 

Variable data printing (VDP) has become more sophisticated in the past five years. In essence, VDP allows for personalized content, including text, mailing addresses, and imagery, in each printed piece. Utilizing VDP options help maximize a client or brand’s relevance and reach a targeted audience. Personalization leverages data to create customized printed materials, increasing engagement and response rates. 


Thanks to USPS technologies and other digital innovations, “intelligent” mail is an affordable expectation in the marketing mix. Sophisticated tracking and engagement tools help businesses connect direct mail with the internet, email, and shopping habits of their prospects and customers. 

In addition, software that saves companies money by increasing efficiency in the data prep and print production process is invaluable. Job seekers with experience using tools that are used to update and format address information–the National Change of Address (NCOA) program and the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS)– can hit the ground running in a commercial printing environment that makes accuracy and efficiency for its customers a top priority.  Individuals pursuing careers within commercial printing and mailing operations can benefit from certifications in these systems, enhancing their expertise in data management and postal regulations. 


A variety of roles have emerged in the industry over the last decade, illustrating commercial printing’ evolution into the digital marketing space. 

  • Prepress Technicians play a crucial role in preparing digital files for printing, ensuring accuracy and quality. 
  • Data Management Specialists oversee the organization and utilization of customer data, optimizing printing projects for maximum effectiveness. 
  • Marketing and Direct Mail Managers, or Campaign Managers for Direct Mail, orchestrate targeted marketing omni-channel campaigns, leveraging data insights to drive results. 
  • Growth Marketing Associates focus on expanding customer reach and engagement through strategic initiatives, including personalized print campaigns. 
  • IT Production Support Professionals ensure the seamless operation of digital printing infrastructure, troubleshoot technical issues, and implement system enhancements. 
  • Digital Storefront Specialists and programmers develop and maintain online platforms for ordering customized print materials, enhancing customer experience, and streamlining workflows. 
  • Direct Mail Programmers specialize in coding personalized print projects and translating data into dynamic content for print production. 

Commercial printing has evolved into a dynamic industry at the intersection of technology, data, and marketing. The industry’s future lies in employing individuals who can seamlessly integrate these strategies to deliver personalized and effective print solutions–while demonstrating respect for employers, colleagues, and customers.  

“We recently had a position posted by a printing company in Florida for a data analysis,” shares Semper CEO Dave Regan. “Within 12 hours of posting the position, they had over 150 high quality applications. This underscores how offering a competitive wage will attract qualified candidates, not only in tech roles but the more traditional print-centric roles as well.” 

As businesses continue to prioritize targeted, digital, and data-driven marketing efforts, the demand for skilled professionals in commercial printing will only continue to rise.